There is always a beginning, isn’t there?

There are a lot of things people search for.  But sometimes, I wonder that finding it in the end is not half as fun as the journey.

I would like to pursue wisdom.  I’m not sure what that is and I’m not sure how (or even if) I’ll ever find it.  But, hey, I’m ready for the journey.

My journey will travel through literature, movies, quotes, art,  musings (of my own and others), and whatever else I may chance along the way.

Ready?  Set? GO!


~ by cjt on May 30, 2007.

One Response to “There is always a beginning, isn’t there?”

  1. wisdom-good sense~the knowledge and experience needed to make sensible decisions and judgments, or the good sense shown by the decisions and judgments made……… mind is crowded with questions and ideas.

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