Question of the Week: 6/4/2007

If evolutionary theory is correct:

-Naturally occurring variations occur in the population.

-Some are helpful to the survival of the organism.

-Those that survive, survive to reproduce offspring.

-They pass on their “survival” genes to their children.

-Therefore, the “survival” genes then become a part of our children, thereby becoming part of the population as a whole

Ok, I’ve established that.  Then, there is a theory in which amoebas somehow turned into humans over billions of years.

Tell me this: How did asexual amoebas suddenly get the desire to reproduce in a sexual manner?  I mean, did reproductive organs suddenly pop out somewhere and the amoeba was like “Hey!  What’s this?  Let’s stick this in each other!”  It doesn’t make sense to me.

Would someone please explain?


~ by cjt on June 4, 2007.

One Response to “Question of the Week: 6/4/2007”

  1. I read a very lengthy explanation regarding the evolution of reproduction, and I am by no means an expert. So I shall advise you to do as I did, and look it up for yourself. If you have a fair understanding of evolution as I do, it shouldn’t be too hard to comprehend.

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