Poem to God (written August 27th, 2006)

God, am I worthy to say your name?
Sometimes, I don’t even believe you’re real.
I try to listen, try to feel, try to see
But there’s nothing.
Sometimes my failing faith isn’t enough
And all I need is just one hug.
I wish so hard and even pray
But there’s nothing.
Maybe it’s because I’m not worthy.
I’ve killed, I’ve stealed, I’ve broken promises
And my heart longs for the pleasures of the world
Though I know they’re nothing.
Sometimes, I’ve fallen so far, so fast
That I feel nothing can save me.
I’m standing here completely by myself
And I feel that I am nothing.
Yet I still struggle to hold on
To my faith, my hope, my love.
Maybe somewhere there is peace
To fill that Nothing away.
Sometimes good things happen
And I pray that it really is You
So that when worse things fall
My prayers are not nothing.
When I’m looking at the sky
That twilight golden splendor,
Sometimes that’s the moment I know
That You are something.

**Something I wrote as an assignment but turned out to be more to me.


~ by cjt on June 27, 2007.

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