Letter Excerpt from the movie "Swing Kids"

** The movie takes place during WW2. The main character, Peter, had his father arrested and killed for opposing Hitler’s regime. This is a letter from Peter’s father to another friend.

“We must all take responsibility for what is happening in our country. If those of use who have a voice do not raise it in outrage at the treatment of our fellow human beings we will have collaborated in their doom. It is not good enough to raise these voices in our home. Many Germans do this. But outside their doors all they hear is Hitler’s voice of hate, his promises of glory.”

“Everyday, I look at my son, my Peter, and he’s grown a little bit bigger. He’s already becoming a man. And what curiosity. Always asking questions. Question after question. Until he fully understands the answer. The sight of his small face, strong and hopeful awakening to the world around him is what keeps me going. It is when I think of him that I know what I’m doing must be done.”


~From the movie “Swing Kids”


~ by cjt on May 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Letter Excerpt from the movie "Swing Kids"”

  1. Firstly, thank you for posting this quote, it’s a personal favorite.

    One minor correction – Peter didn’t get his father arrested, Thomas gets his own father arrested after he joins the HJ.

  2. cool

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