Life, an original poem

A man’s life is a breath, here and gone
Blowing away, leaving no trace
Whether we accomplished right or wrong
We are still running the same race

Yet to God, each life is a treasure
Each meant for something unique
In us, He takes great pleasure
Whether we are strong or we are weak

As the mountains gift precious life
So we should strive to do the same
To bring peace in times of strife
And comfort in times of shame

For each year that departs
We must do our very best
To love God with all our heart
And let our love of others be expressed

In utter joy we laugh out loud
And pursue wisdom with no doubt
To live each day with no regrets allowed
That is what life should be about

I hope we leave the world a better place
Than when we first came into it
Only through God’s amazing grace
Can we accomplish each little bit

And so the mountains watch year by year
In their silent patient way
Watching us live, laugh, and love without fear
On the dawning of each new day


~ by cjt on June 17, 2008.

One Response to “Life, an original poem”

  1. This is beautiful. I am glad to have found such a poem.

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