“Climbing Out” an original poem

I’m tired of this loneliness
This bleeding

I’m tired of this loneliness
This bleeding empty hole
In the deepest parts of my heart
All around me
Walls, so high and dark
Stifling my spirit
If I look over head
And strain my eyes
I see a glimmer, a sparkle
The promise of light

I’m ready to fly
And escape
This darkness in my soul
I’m ready to touch the sky
But my wings have been torn away
So I’m climbing inch by inch
Out of this hole

My fingers slipping
Blood dripping down my wrist
Tears pooling in my eyes
All I see is the wall of darkness
That I’m clinging to
I grit my teeth
The light still so far away
I’m ready to give up
But I hold on
Just one moment more

It feels like a lifetime
And maybe that’s what it is
A lifetime of climbing
Of slipping and straining
But I can feel the warmth of the light
Just brushing my forehead
Maybe I’ll never reach the top
And struggle forever
It’s enough though
To feel sunshine once again


~ by cjt on February 27, 2009.

2 Responses to ““Climbing Out” an original poem”

  1. did you mind if I where to use your poem as lyrics for a song of mine? those lyrics and my music on the guitar. if you hadn’t trademarked it that is. V is so right we should give the best of ourselves into the ideas we belive in. our own happiness lies in our forgivness….that is wonderfully true. you have helped me more than you can imagine. if you care for some smart talk and something more about ideas and creative stuff both in literature and in music my yahoo messenger adress(and id) is rat_o_gen@yahoo.com.I am not a freak of any kind.I am not the consciousness of your mind.I can barely be a good friend but we can help eachother in so many ways. Would apreciate some contact.Cheers.

    • Hello,

      Thank you for your lovely comment. You may use my poem for any lyrics you would like to write. However, I will ask that if you use them in any public manner, to please give me credit where it’s due as I do retain its copyright. I would also love to hear your song when it’s done. I’ve always imagined some of my poetry being turned into music but I, sadly, do not have the composing talent myself. I am glad that my words were able to help and inspire you. You may contact me through email if you wish.

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