Interview with Amy Patterson in the 9th Issue of Lula

Know that you are loved by a select group of friends – the priceless ones, the irreplaceable ones…I know you have many acquaintances but I also know you are deeply loved by a strong circle of friends and in those friends, if you look closely into their eyes and their lives and their hearts you will see bits and pieces of yourself shining brightly. For even in their darkest moments you are still there, still with them, the strength and love you have given them shines on. And if you look inside yourself in your darkest moments, I hope you see them…their love, their laughter, their strength and companionship, the in-between times you’ve shared…and know that they are all pulling for you…loving you, supporting you. This life we are living is hard and confusing and frustrating but in our friends lies our true strength and I believe I speak for not only myself but everyone in your circle when I say "we love you" and because of you we are better and we are here…

**I can only dream of the level of affection underlying these beautiful almost-poetic words. I think true & good friends are a perpetual source of invaluable wisdom that shouldn’t be ignored.


~ by cjt on November 3, 2009.

One Response to “Interview with Amy Patterson in the 9th Issue of Lula”

  1. hey love,
    beautiful quote. I love it! 🙂

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